Type in broad keywords as well and see what videos are performing best. Because the exposure of each user depends on how well their videos do, TikTok focuses on the performance and views of the individual videos rather than taking into account your entire profile. Uploading consistent content that is relevant to your audience will allow TikTok’s algorithm to recognise your videos as important to users following that hashtag.

Usually the shapes are hearts, but sometimes they’re dots or x’s, and they’re drawn with the sure hand of someone who grew up idolizing beauty bloggers. Across the cheeks and nose is a bright sweep of blush, with a touch of highlighter just on the button end, usually sitting above a septum piercing. TikTok is being embraced by a younger generation that snubs Facebook and Twitter but loves Instagram. It’s not only a place for creativity but a place for the exercise of personal branding — a place to highlight your personality or craft one from the ground up. As much as TikTok is about memes, it’s also about just looking cool, being funny, and getting likes. Although comments like these are often just jokes and likely aren’t overly harmful, it shows how this content can cause insecurity and low self-esteem.

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If you have a presence on TikTok and you’re ready to take audience engagement to the next level, then you should start live streaming. Sure, TikTok offers an entertaining platform where users can spend their extra time laughing at lip-syncing videos and learning from makeup or cooking tutorials. But TikTok can be a valuable resource for small businesses, as well. Brands can promote themselves through the Tiktok for Business platform, reaching an engaged audience of millions. After all, the social media platform boasts more than 3 billion downloads and 1 billion monthly active users.

  • Once viewers see it, they attempt the act for themselves, creating a challenge.
  • One of TikTok’s broadcasting guidelines is that streamers be older than 16.
  • It gives you the opportunity to create diverse, engaging content that comes across as genuine to your consumers.
  • You only get 150 characters for your TikTok caption, including hashtags.

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For anyone that’s been living in a bubble, TikTok is a video app where people can share short clips of up to 15 seconds. It’s full of people doing lip syncs, dances, tricks and various other things that have the potential to go viral. It’s still unclear under what policies TikTok moderates its content. A Washington Post story found that TikTok censors “culturally problematic” content, including videos featuring vaping, “suggestive” dancing, and social issues.

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Even if your account is private, anyone can see your photo, username, following, likes, and bio. Use an avatar or vague photo and don’t put any identifying details in your bio unless you are okay with the world being able to see it. Has been found to feed potentially provocative content to possible predators, and over the years, Tumblr became infamous for promoting eating disorders.

Why Is TikTok So Popular? Why The Social Network Is Unique

As your audience develops, research can continue to present an invaluable source of creative ideas for your content. The most popular hashtags may help you gain some exposure to a wider audience, however, keep in mind that your content gets dropped into a feed with a massive amount of competing content. Get to know your audience on the platform so you can discover what types of videos, challenges, and contests they respond to. Creating a branded hashtag challenge is an excellent way to reach new people and engage fans on TikTok.